Sari and I undertook a two-day performance work in Brooklyn titled PERFORMING FRUSTRATION. I invited a few people to join me for a companion walk at the beginning of each hour. I asked them simply to walk with me for a brief while and talk about frustration and, if they wanted, to share their frustration in writing on The Great Frustration Wall. Sari and I were ‘At Your Service’ to re-energize these tormented energies. In an interplay of physical and conversational dance marathon, we looked into the value of the body and the voice as a bodily response, searching for inroads into alternative modes of taking action.


Participatory Dance Performance Project
concept & choreography & dance
Andrea Haenggi & Sari Nordman
set design installation & costume
Andrea Haenggi
2014 @ artist run space 1067 PacificPeople, Brooklyn, NYC (Photo Stills of Live Performance by Shane Solow)


Extend Your Arm Out/Andy(s)


15 minute of fame. A first take on a new full evening work, involving questions that arise from reflecting on selfie culture in relation to Andy Warhol’s artistic work and identity with The Look of Being Looked At. In this first take, performed at Dixon Place, a solo performer is accompanied by 9 “A-superstar” participants who met for the first time onstage to participate in a guided Somatic Selfie Meditation dedicated to unselfing themselves while they all take selfies. Drama, Glamour, Childlike quality meets Authenticity and What’s That For You?


concept & choreography & dance
Andrea Haenggi
Somatic Selfie Meditation Participants (A-superstars)
Carrie Ahern, Rachel Cohen, Amanda Donnellan, Yuko Hashimoto, Jessica Harris, Nora Newhouse, Tuva Hildebrand Petersson, Barnaby Ohrstrom, Despina Sophia Stamos.
2014 Dixon Place, Manhattan, NYC presented by Dixon Place and Laban/Bartenieff Institute as part of MOSAIC Crossing Boundaries (live-performance photos by Paula Court; Somatic Selfies by the participants)




A Store. But a different Store. We don’t sell objects. We sell Gestures. Experiences. Transformations. Aesthetic Values. Alternative Pleasure. The Body is King. The Currency is Gesture.

Can we establish an ephemeral currency based on exchange of physical sensorial gestures experienced in the entire body? Can the gesture currency be based on pleasure? Can the sharing of the kinesthetic & aural & tactile movement gestures grow us into a connected body. Can it bring healing to our tormented bodies? Can the gesture currency reclaim our bodies, free of the social behavior contract? Would it empower bodies filled with love and diversity?

Receiving the gesture, each person was encouraged to ‘pay’ with a self-generated physical gesture/experience in return. The only trace remaining from the ephemeral gestures/experiences, which lasted from 3 minutes to 20 minutes each, are cell phone stills.


concept & catalyst & installation
Andrea Haenggi
main artist sellers
Carrie Ahern, Andrea Haenggi, Robert Neuwirth
guest artist sellers
luciana achugar, Gill Arno, Rachel Cohen, Sylvain Flanagan, Achilles Kallergis, Amala Lane, Robert Hardin, Iele Paloumpis, Elke Rindfleisch, Einy Aam Sparks, Martha Williams
@ artist run space 1067 PacificPeople, Brooklyn, NY, open 16 days in the summer from 2pm-8pm, 2014.


Holiday Revolt/na(t)ive greeting


For one day, I transformed a garage into a film set covered in fantastic and diverse fabrics and patterns. As customers came to shop, I engaged in a collaborative process bridging between their desire and my pre-prepared ideas. Then, in just 15 minutes, working with a crew of fellow artists, we made a personalized video holiday greeting card.
Customer Clif Hubby asked for a greeting about Justice and Equality. We staged a reenactment of Pieter Paul Rubens painting «Descent from the Cross».


Directed and filmed in one take in «cinéma vérité style» by Andrea Haenggi, with the participation of artists Carrie Ahern, Robert Neuwirth, the French Band «Twin Twin» (Lorent Idir, François Djemel, Patrick Biyik) and participant customer Clif Hubby.
Participatory performative action, December 14, 2014 @ 1067 PacificPeople