Holiday Revolt/na(t)ive greeting - 2014


For one day, I transformed a garage into a film set covered in fantastic and diverse fabrics and patterns. As customers came to shop, I engaged in a collaborative process bridging between their desire and my pre-prepared ideas. Then, in just 15 minutes, working with a crew of fellow artists, we made a personalized video holiday greeting card.
Customer Clif Hubby asked for a greeting about Justice and Equality. We staged a reenactment of Pieter Paul Rubens painting «Descent from the Cross».


Directed and filmed in one take in «cinéma vérité style» by Andrea Haenggi, with the participation of artists Carrie Ahern, Robert Neuwirth, the French Band «Twin Twin» (Lorent Idir, François Djemel, Patrick Biyik) and participant customer Clif Hubby.
Participatory performative action, December 14, 2014 @ 1067 PacificPeople


Friction 2006 - Multi-Media Stage Production


A kaleidoscopic cinematic experience: passageways form, dissolve, and re-form, veering out into infinity to evoke the enigma of a corridor. The stage becomes fluid as live feeds from hidden cameras mix with stunning projected films that are layered over dynamic, serene yet brutal live dance. Choreography, film, live-video direction, and set installation by Andrea Haenggi, in collaboration with Bessie award-winning lighting designer Roderick Murray and a live multi-channel sound score by David Linton. In addition to the AMDaT Company, Friction also features two invited performers. The work was commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop and presented as part of the European Dream Festival 06.


World Premiere
Dance Theater Workshop Fall/Winter Season, NYC | October 24-28, 2006
As part of the European Dream Festival 06


blast wall art 2005 - Dance Video Production


Blast wall art, choreographed by Andrea Haenggi, was first performed at an outdoor handball court in New York City. This site-adapted dance video performance explores issues of attack, injury and transformation through art, loosely inspired by reading about the concrete blast walls of Baghdad, which protect buildings against bombs but have become a public canvas for Iraqis. In a trio for two dancers and video projections (augmented by a number of «action performers»), as day gives way to dusk, the performers become increasingly swathed in grey tones while the steadily magnifying video projection takes center stage with surreal phantasmagorical images.


World Premiere
Commodore Barry Park Handball Courts, Brooklyn, NY | June 15-18, 2005